Jun Fan Gung Fu / JKD Glossary

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Bai Jong Ready Position; On-Guard Position
Biu Gee Finger Jab; "ThrustingHand"
Biu Sao Palm-down Finger Thrust Block
Biu Sao Da Palm-down FingerThrust Block and Hit
Bong Sao Bent-arm deflection;Raised Elbow Block
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Chang Sao "Spade Hand"
Chi Gerk "Sticky Legs"
Chi Sao "Sticky Hands" Drill
Choap Chuie Second Knuckle Fist
Chuen Sao "Piercing Hand"
Chuie Fist
Chum Kil "Seek to Bridge the Gap"
Chung Centerline; vertical
Chung Chuie "Vertical Fist"; Jab
Chung Geong Centerline Block
Chung Sim San Centerline
Cup Chuie "Overhead Fist"
Cup Sao "Scooping Hand"
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Da to Hit or Strike
Dan One or Single
Dan Chi Sao Single Hand "Sticky Hands"
Daon Sao Low Pressing Hand
Ding Jang Butting Elbow
Dum Tek Stomp Kick
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Fak Sao "Whisking Arm"; Knife Hand Chop
Fon Sao Trapping Hands
Fook Sao "Bridge Arm"; Bent-arm Elbow-in Block; Hooking Hand Block
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Gan Sao "Splitting Block"
Geong Block
Gin Upward
Gin Chuie Uppercut
Gin Tek Upward Slapping Kick
Gnoy Outside
Go High
Go Da High Hit
Goang Sao Low Outer-Wrist Block; Low Cutting Arm Block
Gua Chuie Back Fist
Gua Tek Inverted Hook Kick
Gum Sao Pinning Hand
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Ha Low
Ha Da Low Hit
Ha O'oo Chuie Shovel Hook
Ha Pak Low Slap
Ha So Tek Low Inverted Sweep Kick
Hou Rear
Hou Chung Chuie Cross; Back Vertical Fist
Hou Tek Back Kick
Huen Sao "Circling Hand"; Small Disengagement
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Jang Elbow
Jao Sao Large Disengagement; "Running Hand"
Jao Sao Da Running Hand and Hit
Jeen Lead
Jeet Intercept; Stop
Jeet Da Stop Hit
Jeet Gek "Intercepting Shin"; Jamming with the Shin
Jeet Kune Do "The Way of the Intercepting Hit"
Jeet Que "Intercepting Bridge"
Jeet Tek "Intercepting Kick"; Stop Kick
Jern Palm Strike
Jik Chung Chuie "Straight Blast" or "Battle Punch"
Jik Jern Straight Palm
Jik Tek Front Kick / Straight Kick
Jit Tek Straight Kick with Toe
Joap Hop "Group Together"
Jong Sao Palm-Inward Block
Jong Sao Da Palm-Inward Blockand Hit
Jong Tao Head Butt
Joy Left
Juen Tek Spinning Kick
Juk Tek Side Kick
Jum Sao Sinking Hand Block
Jung Middle
Jung Da Middle Hit
Jut Sao Jerking Hand
Jut Sao Da Jerking Hand and Hit
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Kao Sao "Curving Hand"; Circling Block
Kao Sao Da Curving Hand and Hit
Kow Tao Head Butt
Kup Sao Capturing Hand; Scooping Hand
Kwai Down
Kwai Jarn Down Elbow
Kwoon School or Gym
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Lap Sao Deflecting Arm
Lau Sao "Scooping Hand"; Slippery Hand
Lie Sao "Pulling Hand"
Lin Lop Sao Cross Grabbing Hand
Lin Sil Die Da Simultaneous Block and Hit
Look Sao Rolling Hands Drill
Lop Sao Grabbing Hand
Lop Sao Da Grabbing Hand and Hit
Loy Inside
Loy Da Inside Hit
Loy Ha Pak Inside Low Slap
Loy Pak Sao Inside Arm Slapping Hand
Luk Sao Rolling Arms
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Man Sao Probing Hand; Lead Hand
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Ngoy Outside
Ngoy Da Outside Hit
Ngoy Ha Pak Outside Low Slap
Ngoy Pak Loy Da "Split Entry"; outside slap and inside hit
Ngoy Pak Sao Outside Arm Slapping Hand
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O'oo Chuie "Hooking Fist"; Hook
O'oo Sao "Hooking Hand"
O'oo Tek "Hook Kick"; Roundhouse Kick
O'oo Sao Da Hooking Hand and Hit
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Pak Sao "Slapping Hand"
Pak Sao Da Slapping Hand and Hit
Pak Sao Ngoy Da Slap and Hit outside of the arm
Pak Sao Loy Da Slap and Hit inside of the arm
Phon Sao Trapping Hands
Ping Chuie "Horizontal Punch"
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Qua Chuie Back Fist
Quan Sao Combination of Bong Sao and Tan Sao
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Sao Finger
Si-Gung Your Instructor'sInstructor (Dan Inosanto)
Si-Hing Your Senior or Older Brother
Sibak Your Instructor's Senior
Sidai Your Junior or Younger Brother
Sifu Instructor or Teacher
Sijo Founder of the Style (Bruce Lee)
Simo Female Teacher; Wife of Your Teacher
Soe Gerk Foot Sweep
Sot Kil Hammerfist
Sou Tek Heel Hook Kick
Sung Da High Hit
Sung Loon Sao High Horizontal Arm Block
Sut Knee
Sut Sao Knife-hand strike
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Tan Sao Palm-up Block
Tan Sao Da Palm-up Block and Hit
Tok Sao Lifting Hand
Tut Sao Freeing Hand
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Woang Cross
Woang Jern Side Palm
Woang Pak Sao Cross Hand Slap
Wu Sao "Defending Hand"; Rear Hand
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Yow Right


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